Authentaco is…Chef driven traditional Mexican street food made from scratch. Farm to taco stews made with huitlacoche and portobellos or lengua with roasted guajillo sauce, paired with made to order tortillas. Design elements include reclaimed building materials like corrugated steel and wooden planks found in Humboldt Park or on a farm in Michigan. Employing local artists, Authentaco commissioned a food themed Dia de los Muertos mural, along with a collage of a luchador made of tortilla wrappers, and a larger than life banquero character that sits with his hand outstretched next to the ATM machine inside this cash only restaurant.

I don’t know what it is, but the lady who makes our tortillas does some voodoo to the masa. She’s like pulling out a statue of the Virgen de Guadalupe and blessing that stuff

Felipe Caro (owner, Authentaco)

Walk Up in Wicker Park, Chicago

Seasonal Specials

We shop at the Green City Market to provide weekly specials and use heritage ingredients like huitlacoche (corn smut), that dates back to Aztecs and Native American Indians. We offer interesting variations of traditonal flavors such as a Sweet Potato Pastor with Homemade Chorizo and Crema. To drink, we feature seasonal Aqua Frescas like Mango-Chile, Tapache (fermented pineapple) or even Lime Horchatta.


For years, Authentaco’s owner Felipe Caro has been welcoming people from all around Chicago to join him in a celebration of food and friendship. Born and raised one block from the restaurant, Felipe believes his very existence makes him “local and sustainable”. From his humble beginnings as proprietor of Picante’s Taqueria, to his latest venture, Authentaco. Felipe has been offering the same high quality food and cozy atmosphere regulars have come to appreciate and love.

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