UAE to Double Re-Exports in 7 years
May 8, 2023

UAE to Double Re-Exports in 7 years


The UAE government has authorized 24 national initiatives that will more than double the country’s re-export industry in the next seven years. One of the ideas that primarily promotes increasing the re-export rate is the creation of a national re-export commission. The emphasis is on the creation of new specialties and the added value program for re-export in cooperation with municipalities.

Cabinet reviewed the High Commission’s free trade talks for 2022, which included four Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPA) between the UAE, India, Israel, Indonesia, and Turkey, as well as deliberations on additional CEPAs. The Cabinet examined the economic achievement report for the UAE and the Republic of India’s 2022 Comprehensive Partnership Agreement. Non-oil commerce between the two countries reached AED 79.3 billion by the end of September 2022, a 23% increase over the same period in 2021 and a 133% increase over 2020.

“We have signed four international agreements with four countries,” Sheikh Mohammed said. The UAE’s foreign trade statistics plainly show the positive effect of international agreements. The government discussed the outcomes of the High Commission’s free trade negotiations for 2022, which included four Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPA) between the UAE, India, Israel, Indonesia, and Turkey, as well as negotiations for a new one. comprehensive business partnership. Agreements on economic partnerships with different corporate partners.

The UAE Council of Ministers also authorized the hosting of the IUCN World Conservation Congress in 2025-2025, which will be attended by 10,000 environmental experts and experts from 160 nations. According to the country’s vice president, the congress will show the UAE’s dedication to long-term economic growth and nature conservation for future generations.

 Sheikh Mohammed also declared the approval of the reorganization of the Digital Prosperity Council and the UAE Genome Council, which will be led by Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed. The two councils seek to enhance the digital and physical well-being of all UAE residents.

At the same time, the UAE’s non-oil shipments to India reached AED 19.7 billion, up 12 percent year on year in 2021 and 154 percent in 2020. The meeting also reviewed the Talent Committee’s achievements in 2022, including the UAE’s exceptional position in the IMD World Talent position 2022 and the committee’s initiatives and programs, which included the implementation of roughly 19 initiatives.

Furthermore, the conference decided to host the World Conference of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Abu Dhabi in 2025. Over 10,000 experts from 160 countries will join the congress. The goal comprehensively is to create awareness about the country’s efforts to protect nature and biodiversity. This decision will be carried out in collaboration with relevant experts by the Service of Climate Change and Environment and the Abu Dhabi Environment Specialist.

The UAE government addressed the outcomes of the National Protection of Children in Educational Institutions Act, which seeks to safeguard children in educational institutions by providing a safe and supportive classroom atmosphere, at the meeting. Occurrences including children that may risk their physical, mental, otherworldly, instructive, and ethical well-being.

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